Across Independence, MO and the U.S., sipVine is Providing Companies with the Business Phone Service They Deserve.

Independence is home to many thriving businesses. Whether your business is in Independence Square, along Truman Road,  or in downtown KC, sipVine has the solution for your business phone service needs, tailored to your business! sipVine’s corporate office is centrally located just a few minutes west of Independence in North Kansas City, MO, and our sales and service departments are headquartered at our main location.  No matter where your business, franchises, or locations are located or where your employees work, you receive service and customer support as if we were neighbors because we are! 

Learn more about our products and the advantages of sipVine’s VoIP phone services:

Wherever you and your team are, enjoy:

  • Competitive toll-free and international calling rates  
  • Unlimited calls locally, nationally, and in Canada

sipVine provides the best VoIP business phone services for clients in Independence and the surrounding area. Every feature you need to grow your business includes customized solutions and exceptional customer service. When you're ready to leave your old phone company, sipVine has both the VoIP business phone service and the VoIP telephones and hardware for tailored, affordable business phone service just for you! When you need hosted VoIP systems, sipVine delivers!  

With sipVine's Business Phone Service, Your Phone Number(s) Stay the Same

sipVine goes where you grow, so you can connect employees or locations in Independence or across the country with one business phone system. Having one integrated phone system can cut your phone costs 30 – 47%.

  • sipVine ports your phone number, or multiple numbers, from your current phone service provider over to your sipVine VoIP phone service. Your clients won't experience any service interruption,  and they can continue to contact you at the phone numbers they already know.
  • Phone numbers can be set up so that all associates who are assigned a VoIP phone have a direct dial number.
  • One configuration creates consistency across your office phone system no matter which Independence, MO, or national location your customers call.  

Is sipVine VoIP Phone Service Available in Your Part of Independence, MO or the U.S.?

sipVine provides business phone service to small businesses in Independence and throughout the U.S.  If you need nationwide service, sipVine covers most rate centers across the country. In a few areas, mostly rural locations, we do not have an interexchange agreement with the local telephone provider. Call us or complete the form to the right, so we can verify that we have coverage in your area, chances are we do!

Business Phone Service You'll Love Right Here in Independence, MO

When you’re ready to fire your current phone company, it’s time to finally go with a Kansas City metro-based company that’ll provide the service and support you’ll love. Plus, sipVine can save you money on your phone expense.

Why do Independence, MO businesses love sipVine?

Local support from a local provider. It shouldn’t matter if you have dozens or thousands of employees. Either way, your business phone service account should matter to your provider. 

Tailored business phone systems. You just need an office phone system that meets your needs and workflow. That’s hard to get from other providers’ cookie-cutter offerings. From the first meeting, you’ll know sipVine is working to tailor your service to your needs with configuration, installation, support, and more.

Concierge-quality service.  Since sipVine's support is dial 7HELP away, you'll be immediately connected with a support associate in our North Kansas City, MO office.

Big Business Features for Any-Sized Business. Why do the big businesses get all the fancy features? sipVine’s customers leave fees and surcharges for big-business features behind for scalable phone systems, mobile and flexible usage, and the latest applications and features.

Don't love your current phone company? When the time is right, we can help.

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