Call Recording Platform

Call Recording Platform (CRP)

For quality control and piece of mind

The sipVine CRP records all calls made on the local network, providing sipVine customers with the ability to train and maintain the call quality of customer facing associates, ensuring that their client base is well served.  It can also serve as documentation of orders or specific conversations where such documentation is important.


Call Storage and Management

  • All calls are logged and stored on the CRP device.  Capacity of the device is 850 gb.  It also has USB ports to be able to off load calls for longer-term storage.
  • Within the search screen, you can search by call duration, specific local callers, specific remote callers, and/or by a call date range. All calls within your criteria will populate, and you can listen to calls directly from the platform.


  • sipVine technicians pre-build the CRP and provides instructions on set up on your network.
  • Training on the utilization of the system is also provided.
  • There is a one-time, $550 charge for the equipment, configuration, and programming.
  • A monthly service charge of $10 is also required for on-going support.