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The best phone service for Technology Companies. Custom built by sipVine!

We build our solution to apply to your unique environment! 

sipVine Features That Resonate Most with Technology Companies:

Highly technical customers love the sipVine solutions, and they make the most out of the vast feature set.

  • Mobile and Virtual Employees – sipVine’s solutions are perfect for customers in this segment, as they tend to have employees deployed in the field or operating virtually in other cities and even countries. Our ability to connect virtual employees to the system and our Unified Messaging platform simplifies the communication routines of employees and customers.
  • Phone Options – Several of these customers have utilized soft phones for their laptops in addition to their office phone. Highly mobile employees can make calls from their business line from their laptops and conserve their cell phone minutes.

Types of Technology Companies Served:

  • Computer & Networking
  • Cabling & Wiring
  • Network Managers and Consultants
  • Software Development

Driving Benefit

sipVine’s ability to deliver solutions to a highly mobile and technical work force at a low cost has driven a significant number of computer and networking companies to become our customers. Additionally, many have found it beneficial to expand their offerings to their customers through working with sipVine through our partner program to deliver phone service.

No matter what type of phone system you are switching from, our custom-built business phone services help save your company money now and in the future. With our quality customized VoIP system solution that was designed specifically to fit your company's needs, you can work much more efficiently. Find out more today, you will enjoy the many benefits of knowing that you can leave the responsibility of your advanced office telecommunications system operations to sipVine, while you handle other important business matters.

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