sipVine Announces an All-Call Recording Platform

Posted by Mark Greim on Aug 15, 2016 2:50:47 PM


sipVine, a hosted VoIP phone service provider for businesses nationwide, announces the rollout of an all-call recording platform.  To date, sipVine has offered an on-demand recording service, but for businesses with requirements to record all calls to a location, this new platform will serve them well.

"For quite some time we've been providing work around processes for our customers who required all of their calls to be recorded," Colin Wells, sipVine's CTO, stated.  "This new platform is a much more refined and efficient method of recording all calls at a location.  In addition, it provides on-site storage and management of the recordings."

Call_Recording_System.jpgThe Call Recording Platform (CRP) consists of a device that resides on the network of a business location.  It detects voice call traffic, records these packets, indexes the files, and stores the recordings.  Also included is a management search tool, allowing for the quick seach of specific calls or ranges of calls by date, calling parties, receiving parties, and even duration.  Despite its relatively small size, the device allows for 850 gigabits of storage, plus has USB ports for archiving or additional storage purposes.

Mark Greim, sipVine's Vice President of Marketing and Sales, adds: "Many of our customers have expressed a need to record all of their calls for a variety of reasons; legal, regulatory, training, and documentation to name a few.  We believe this solution provides a great way to accomplish this in a simple, yet robust manner."

The CRP device is listed at $550, which includes the programming and installation on your network.  There's a monthly service fee of $10.  If you are a sipVine customer and interested in this service, please contact your sales representative or contact technical support.

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