Kansas City-Based VoIP Company, sipVine, Earns National Reputation for Exceptional Service

Posted by Mark Greim on Jun 21, 2017 10:30:37 AM

It’s hard to believe that just a decade ago, sipVine marketed our services to businesses as “digital” phone service, not VoIP. Why? Because VoIP was not a common term used among business owners, plus there was the negative connotation associating phone service of any kind and poor service (customer and utility wise). Times have changed.

Celebrate sipVine.jpgToday, a majority of businesses have shifted to using VoIP phone service. If they haven’t switched, then VoIP as an option certainly has been evaluated. Though VoIP service is as mainstream as using the cloud, one of VoIP’s most reputable providers, sipVine, is headquartered right here in your own backyard.

Hundreds of Kansas City businesses have switched to sipVine for their VoIP phone service because of its quality and reliability. So much so that our most effective marketing has been and remains customer and IT company referrals.

What makes sipVine so “referable” in an industry with so many phone service options?

  • sipVine is the oldest and most experienced VoIP company in the Kansas City area. Established in 2005, we were the first to tackle head on the issues that plagued VoIP call quality. We deployed a unique infrastructure as well as a Quality of Service device on the local network. Even during the days of limited bandwidth, sipVine delivered unparalleled voice quality to our earliest customers.
  • Not only does sipVine serve local customers, but our service area also extends to 96% of the rate centers across the U.S. Therefore, sipVine provides a common phone platform and service for many businesses that have multiple locations not only in the Midwest region, but throughout the country.
  • sipVine specifically tailors our VoIP phone service to each individual company's requirements. Every business has a unique call flow. sipVine’s team of engineers configure each system to meet these expectations, and offer ideas on how best to improve the overall communication experience for employees and customers.
  • Unfortunately, customer service standards in the telecom industry are low. Wanting to deliver more than the status quo, we refuse to base our service strategies on standard benchmarks. Instead, sipVine customers dial direct to extension 7HELP for support. Our support team knows each customer when he or she calls, recognizes the unique phone and call configurations, and helps accordingly.
  • sipVine customers never commit to term contracts, as we prefer to earn their business every day.

It’s these service and business culture qualities that attracts sipVine’s customers. If you haven't evaluated a hosted VoIP service for your business, let sipVine help. Like our current customers, you will find it far more convenient to discuss your service requirements face to face with a local provider versus a national call center sales rep.

If you've already made the shift to VoIP, but are not fully satisfied with your current provider’s results and support, switch to sipVine and see the difference choosing a local service makes.

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