sipVine Adds More Polycom Phones to Line Up

Posted by Mark Greim on Sep 28, 2018 1:07:20 PM

Kansas City, Missouri:   sipVine, a premier Hosted VoIP provider based in Kansas City, announces today the addition of the Polycom VVX x50 series phones to the line up of phones certified on their network.  "Since 2005, sipVine has primarily marketed Polycom and Cisco phones," states Robert Conner, sipVine CEO.  "Both manufacturers produce high quality, easy to use phones that rarely have issues.  We are pleased to quickly certify the new Polycom phones to our service, rounding out the VVX series phones that are receiving  great reviews from our customers."

Polycom VVX450Polycom VVX350Polycom VVX250

VVX350 CertificationThe three phones added to the line up are the Polycom VVX250, VVX350, and VVX450.   The phones have dual gigabit ports for network connectivity, high resolution color screens, HD voice quality, and advanced features.  "The functionality of the phones is not that different from the other VVX phones in the line up," adds Colin Wells, sipVine CTO.  "The look has been streamlined and the screen resolution is better."

Mark Greim, sipVine's Vice President of Marketing adds: "These phones are very new in the marketplace, thus the price is higher than comparable models in the line-up.  As always, we will be working with our suppliers to receive the best possible price and adjust lower as soon as we can."

If you are a business looking for the latest in phone technology and are ready for a shift to Hosted VoIP, contact sipVine today at 816.268.2590.  

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