sipVine Adds a New Line-up of Sweet Yealink Phones

Posted by Mark Greim on Nov 18, 2021 3:24:24 PM

November 19, 2021

NORTH KANSAS CITY, MO. – sipVine, Inc., a hosted business VoIP service company, has certified a new line-up of phones to the products they sell and support. After many years of exclusively selling Poly and Cisco products, sipVine has certified the latest VoIP phones from Yealink on their platform.

The Yealink T-Series phones represent the latest in VoIP phone technology. Of the new Yealink phones in the sipVine line-up, all have HD Voice and dual 1 gigabit ports. All are easy to use and program. Most models have USB ports that support USB headsets, blue tooth headsets or WiFi adapters. With the number of businesses requiring remote or work-at-home solutions, being able to connect to a WiFi connection provides great flexibility for these associates.

Yealink SIPT33GAt the lower end of the line-up, the T33G and the T43U are nice solutions. The affordable T43U would perfectly suffice a small business with ten or less associates. It has a back-lit, grey scale screen and 8 flexible line keys. These keys allow for custom programming of the user’s direct dial/extension, main line or lines, and busy lamp fields (BLFs). BLFs provide for one touch dialing or easyYealink SIP-T43U transferring of calls to other associates in office as well as an indicator if the phone is in use or not. Expansion modules are available to allow for more visibility of all phones in the office, making transferring easy for those associates who answer main line calls.


Yealink SIP-T46UThe mid-range of the line up are the T46U and the T54W phones.Yealink SIP-T54W These phones both have 10 flexible line keys and color back-lit screens. They also support the custom programming mentioned above as well as expansion modules. The T46U has a USB port for blue tooth or wireless connectivity while the T54W has those same features built in.


Yealink SIP-T48UFinally, the higher end phone sipVine will be supporting is the T48U. This beautiful phone sports a large back-lit color screen with touch screen capability for the 12 line keys. Like the other models, the USB port allows for blue tooth and WiFi connectivity.

"Adding a VoIP phone line-up from a new manufacturer is always very exciting, but it comes with great care," states Mark Greim, VP of Sales and Marketing. "We need to ensure that the phones are easy to use for our customers.” Colin Wells, sipVine's Chief Technical Officer, adds: "Our sales and support teams need to become well versed in the phone features and operability. The ability for sipVine to be more flexible to meet customer demands in the face of supply chain challenges while promoting the latest in technology is the end reward. Additionally, because we customize so many deployments for our customers, we require VoIP phones that are easy to provision and efficiently operate on our platform."

sipVine will continue to promote the Poly line-up of phones along with the new Yealink models. The Cisco models previously promoted are past their manufacturer end of life, but they will continue to be supported.

If you'd like to learn more about these phones and all VoIP phones within the sipVine line-up, please contact sipVine sales at 816.802.8000 or 855-SIPVINE, option 1.


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