sipVine Launches sipPanel, Integrating the Desktop with the Phone

Posted by Mark Greim on Jun 8, 2020 9:46:10 AM

KANSAS CITY, MO.  sipVine, a national hosted VoIP provider for business, has launched the sipPanel, integrating a desktop web view and browser extension with the phone service. The sipPanel pairs with a desk phone or soft phone, allowing for significant benefits to receptionists, supervisors, and end users.

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sipVine Adds Customer Access Portal to Suite of Products

Posted by Mark Greim on Mar 22, 2016 2:55:15 PM

North Kansas City, Missouri

sipVine announces today that they have added a Customer Access Portal (CAP) to their Hosted VoIP phone service. This portal provides sipVine customers real-time access to call detail records and other productivity reports, call forwarding, call blocking, and other custom call management features.  

"The Customer Access Portal is the latest in new features we've added to our platform," states Robert Conner, sipVine's CEO.  "As with most of our other feature enhancements, there's no additional charges applied to our service to add this functionality."  The CAP will provide authorized customer users with an at-a-glance view of call trends and patterns, which may be very helpful to determine staffing and converage levels.  Diving into the detail reporting, individual production can be measured and monitored.  Inbound to main line reporting can provide some detail surrounding marketing campaigns and other drivers to call volume.

"We've built the CAP platform to provide a foundation for future feature sets that can be driven through an on-line access," adds Colin Wells, sipVine's Chief Technology Officer.  "If a customer has a specific report or call management requirement, such as assigning after-hours on-call staff, we can build a custom process within the portal to manage that activity.  We do this today via input codes on the phone, but the CAP will provide a more elegent approach and remote access."  

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