Work at Home Solutions Powered by sipVine Hosted VoIP

Businesses are taking advantage of the flexibility of Hosted VoIP

sipVine has been providing multiple options for connecting remote, highly mobile, and work from home associates for our business customers for quite some time. However, these solutions are never more needed today, given the public health concerns in the Spring of 2020.

Here are your virtual phone system options for your associates to set up a home office for remote work:

Desk Phone at Home

You can send employees home with their desk phone, or have sipVine build a duplicate phone to their office phone for use at home.  The latter option will be good for a more permanent alternative for the particular employee who may work from home occasionally going forward.

There are several considerations when sending or supplying a desk phone in a home environment:

  • The phone will need a power supply.  If your office has power over Ethernet, we will need to  provide you with a power supply for the phone.
  • The phone will need to connect to the home network.  If the phone is close to the home router, then that is ideal.  If not, an Ethernet over Powerline adapter may be a good solution.  Also, some phone models have the ability to connect over WiFi.

Soft Phone for Mobile Phone

  • sipVine utilizes a free third party appliance that can serve as an office phone on a mobile device.  Calls to the employee's extension, direct dial or applicable ring group can be received on the app.
  • Calls made from the app deliver the caller ID of the company.  This can be your choice of either the company main line or the employee's direct dial number.  
  • There is no additional user fee for an employee adding a soft phone to their existing office desk phone set up.

Soft Phone for Desktop

Work at Home StaffsipVine's desktop soft phone is resident on your computer.  There is a monthly subscription fee for this soft phone.

  • This can be a permanent replacement to a desk phone or a duplicate phone for the user for remote needs.
  • The user will only need a headset to connect to the computer, either blue tooth or a corded headset with a USB connection.

Traditional Options

Of course, you can always have numbers forwarded to a cell phone, in a follow me type fashion.  The downside to engaging a direct forward or simultaneous ring to a cell phone is that calls will end up landing on the employees cell phone voicemail.   There is a work around to this, as long as the user doesn't hit ignore or have their cell phone turned off.

Let's Discuss Your Situation

If you are a sipVine customer, reach out to our support team by dialing 7HELP on your sipVine phone.  Or, call your sales contact on their direct dial number or at 816-802-8000, option one for sales.  We'll get you to the right person and help guide you to the best solution for a remote office phone system.