Non-Profit Organizations


The best phone service for Non-Profit Organizations. Custom built by sipVine!

We build our solution to apply to your unique environment! 

sipVine Features That Resonate Most with Non-Profit Organizations:

sipVine excels at working with non-profit organizations. As a way of giving back, we discount our service and hardware for these customers, working hard to provide enterprise level features and service at a very affordable price. This approach resonates well, along with:

  • User Defined Programs – Our phone solutions provide a number of user-defined options that have made their communication platform meet their individual needs. For example, for safety reasons, many schools today are deploying phones in the classroom. During the school day, a teacher is able to put the phone on “do not disturb” so incoming calls go directly to their voicemail. The educator can now provide a means for parents to leave messages and have the security of having a phone in the classroom.
  • Automated Attendant – These customers have made good use of an automated attendant which allows for easy routing to all of their employees.
  • Multiple Phone Options – These organizations have several different types of employees with unique needs. Deploying soft phones to laptops or smart phones, cordless phones, overhead paging adapters, conference phones, and regular desk phones specific to the need is a way sipVine can custom build the solution for these organizations.

Types of Non-Profit Organizations Served:

  • Schools
  • Foundations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Start-up Incubators 

Driving Benefit

The biggest benefit for non-profits is providing them new technology at an affordable price. Budgets are particularly tight in these environments, and sipVine is uniquely positioned to address these concerns with our multiple solutions and the ability to deliver both the phones and the phone service.

Let sipVine Custom Build a Solution for You!

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