Hosted VoIP Solutions

Convert to Hosted VoIP and never purchase a system again! Your system and phone service are provided by sipVine, and you will feel the difference 
when your phone provider acts like your phone department!



New Technology. Life is Good.

There are real advantages to moving your phone system
 to the cloud. From flexible deployment to obsolescence avoidance, enjoy a system that grows with you.

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Cool Features, All Included.

Imagine phone features previously reserved for expensive 
on-site systems. Now imagine a system where all features
 are included in your low monthly phone service fee.
 Pretty cool, eh?

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No Hidden Fees. No Kidding!

Confused by your phone bill? You're not alone. sipVine's
 pricing structure is simple, affordable, and designed to
 deliver savings to our customers.

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The Smartest Phone in a World of smart phones

Every feature you need to run and grow your business.

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Gain an advantage over your competition by mobilizing your workforce and increasing their 
availability to your customers. Duplicate your desk phone on your laptops, tablets, and
 smart phones!

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VoIP Phones

sipVine promotes only high quality VoIP phones from top manufacturers.

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