SIP Trunks

Power your existing IP PBX

Fast. Flexible. Just what you'd expect from sipVine!


For companies with existing IP-PBX systems, they can utilize SIP Trunks for their voice traffic as a replacement to a PRI or analog circuits. Companies simply determine the amount of concurrent calls they expect to support, and we’ll provide the appropriate number of SIP Trunks!

sipVine can provide all-distance calling SIP Trunks at any increment to businesses at a competitive price. The price is based upon a sliding scale dependent upon the volume of SIP Trunks provisioned. Let us be your SIP Trunk Provider!



  • Price – SIP Trunks are less expensive than analog lines, especially when considering sipVine’s trunks provide for unlimited local and long-distance calling.
  • Efficiency – When compared to a PRI, you can exactly match the number of Sip Trunks you need to deploy, whereas with a PRI, it comes in blocks of 23 channels.
  • Scalable – Adding or subtracting SIP Trunks from your platform can happen in minutes. Compare this to the time it takes for a traditional phone company to install a new circuit or PRI. With sipVine, you simply give us a call, and we make the adjustment immediately!
  • Economize – Because your voice and data traffic will be running over the same connection, this can provide you with a flexible allocation of the bandwidth depending upon the needs of the business at that moment. 


  • Quality of Service – As with any sipVine solution, we’re insistent that our QoSprogram is on the network. In these type of deployments, we typically provide a transparent bridge that is an edge device to the network that manages the flow of packets and ensures voice quality takes precedence. 
  • Bandwidth – Despite the fact that you are consolidating your voice and data traffic over the same connection, it will be wise to size the bandwidth to accommodate the concurrent voice traffic and your data needs