Multiple Branches or Franchises

From Tampa to Tacoma. A phone system that goes where you grow! 

Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the savings!

Because of sipVine's national footprint and our ability to custom deliver solutions for our customers, we have had tremendous growth servicing organizations with multiple branches or franchises. There are several benefits that we are able to deliver to these companies:    


  • Cost Savings - sipVine's unlimited local and long-distance user price declines as more users are on the system. Therefore, traditionally stand alone offices for phone service can be pulled into a national price program and achieve savings in the 30% to 47% range!
  • Common System - Because branch offices will all share a common system, a standard configuration can be built for each office that can help ensure consistency of brand as it relates to communications.
  • Central Features - Especially in branch operations, creating an ability to extension dial others across the entire company is a great benefit. With franchise operations, providing some extension access back to the franchise services organization or other common service processes can be built. Examples in both cases would be centralized departments that serve branches, such as "claims processing" or "accounts payable". Customers can be forwarded to these operations on a direct transfer or via an auto attendant.
  • sipVine's National Account Management (NAM) - sipVine deploys a single national account manager and an implementation coordinator for the engagement. We also create a unique service web portal for each operation to streamline service and provide custom content to these types of customers. 

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