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A future-proof phone system that delivers the features and technology law firms want today.

Our team customizes your law firm's phone service to your needs, practice size and workflow.

Hosted VoIP - Law Firms

The Convenient, Cost Effective Way for Law Firms to Enhance Their Phone Features and Receive Even Better Service and Support

Fed up with the high cost, poor service and ho-hum features of traditional phone service, legal practices of all sizes are switching to VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone service.

Law firms already have in place the internet connection needed for VoIP service, so using VoIP is an easy transition and makes sense for law firms that want a more polished and professional phone system. Unlike traditional phone service, VoIP service from sipVine is configurable to your practice’s needs, size and workflow.

And, if you’re watching the bottom line, switching to sipVine is more cost-effective than staying with your traditional phone service, especially when you factor in the cost of buying new equipment to take advantage of new technology. sipVine handles upgrades on our end and updates occur on your end like software does. You never have the hassle of upgrading your phone system or changing providers to get expanded service and advanced features.

If you are always seeking ways to help improve the record keeping of your communications and improve your accessibility and responsiveness to your clients, you’ll find them in VoIP phone service from sipVine.

VoIP Features for your Law Office:

  • Unified Messaging – Receiving voicemails and faxes to your email addresses accomplishes two things. First, it provides remote viewing (via smart phone) of client contact for follow-up while away from the office. Second, it creates an electronic copy of the communication that can be uploaded into their document management systems.
  • Call Recording – Take advantage of an on-demand call recording feature that creates an electronic file of conversations that can be stored for the client in a document management system.
  • Conference Calling / Meet Me Conference – Conduct crystal clear conference calls easily by initiating a three-way conference call on-demand from the phone.
  • Call Detail Records – Keep detailed records of phone conversations for uploading into a billing or time tracking system.
  • Virtual Office – Cut down on office costs and offer flexibility as a firm benefit since associates can work from anywhere and be connected to your company phone system.
  • Automated AttendantEnjoy a professional call routing system that sends callers directly to an employee, no matter where they are, and allow employees to focus on their jobs rather than answering phones.

Upgrading Your Law Firm’s Phone Service to VoIP is Better, and Choosing the sipVine as Your Service Provider is Best

Upgrading to hosted VoIP phone service lets you break free from everything you dislike about traditional phone service, such as expensive fees for add-ons, long-term contracts, underwhelming customer support and regular price increases. But only if you choose a business VoIP service provider that’s nothing like your old phone company.

With sipVine, your law office will benefit from VoIP and experience none of the problems you had with your old phone company. And, we’ve had the same rates since 2005 with no increase in sight.

  • Tailored rate packages to your needs and usage
  • Local customer support at your fingertips (just dial 7HELP to talk to a person)
  • No long-term contracts
  • Advanced phones and features that will never outgrow your infrastructure

It's Like VoIP Was Made for Law Firms

With a customized phone system, tailored service plans and pricing, advanced communication features, and personal, local support, sipVine’s VoIP phone service was made for law firms with mobile and demanding associates and partners.  sipVine provides VoIP Service for hundreds of law offices in a wide range of service areas.  Covering practices with areas of focus such as immigration, criminal, accident liability, collection, corporate, tax, and more, sipVine's VoIP phone service can adapt to meet all of your needs.

Even Switching to sipVine's VoIP Service is Easy

There is just ONE step.

            Fill out a short form or call us directly at 816.802.8000

sipVine strives to deliver the best phone service for law firms through highly customized solutions and standard-setting customer service. Our VoIP experts take it from there recommending the right phones and service for your law firm. There’s no learning curve. Everything works like you expect it to. If you do have a question, you can talk immediately to support by dialing 7HELP.

Switching is a cinch! Try it. Talk to a real person right now at 816.802.8000.

What to Know Before Moving Up to Business Hosted VoIP

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