Quality of Service

sipVine's Quality of Service (VoIP QoS) Differentiation! This should be table stakes for any VoIP provider. 

Many hosted VoIP phone service providers can enhance your features or lower your costs. However, not all place a premium on the quality of the voice call. sipVine has engineered a VoIP QoS standard that ensures that all calls processed over the sipVine network are clear and crisp. It is upon this standard that we will never compromise.    

sipVine ensures your voice calls are uncompromised by taking the following steps:

  • We deploy customer premise equipment with built-in VoIP QoS software. When conducting a call, this technology prioritizes your voice traffic over your internet bandwidth and moves your data traffic to the background. This process eliminates voice issues (echo, jitter, and lack of clarity), yet there is no visible impact to your data movement.
  • sipVine engineers evaluate your business’s internet bandwidth and determine if there is enough available capacity to handle the movement of voice traffic over the same connection. Typically, there are no issues, but we may recommend an increase in bandwidth or may apply some compression to the voice calls.
  • sipVine’s Hosted VoIP Solution includes fully redundant hardware and connectivity architecture, which provides for instantaneous rerouting of traffic in the event of equipment malfunction or connectivity issues. 

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