Real Estate and Insurance Agencies

real-estate-industryThe best phone service for Real Estate and Insurance Agencies. Custom built by sipVine!

We build our solution to apply to your unique environment! 

sipVine Features That Resonate Most with Real Estate and Insurance Agencies:

  • Unified Messaging – receiving voicemails and faxes to their email allows their employees to be mobile and still receive messages from their clients.
  • Mobile Employees – By nature, brokers and agents are highly mobile and in the field. sipVine can program concurring ringing to an agent’s office phone and cell phone, or the agent can use the forwarding features.
  • Branch / Location Customization – For offices with multiple branches, a centralized reception or automated attendant can be put into place to conserve resources.

Types of Real Estate & Insurance Agencies Served

  • Commercial Real Estate Brokers
  • Real Estate Agent Offices
  • Insurance Agent Offices

Driving Benefit

  • The biggest benefit for these customers has been the creation of accessibility with their clients.
  • For those customers with a number of branches, consolidating service under one provider has led to consistency in communication practices and lower prices through volume discounts.
  • For commercial real-estate brokers, sipVine has added value by providing a cost-effective phone solution for their clients moving into their listings. We make moves easy!

Let sipVine Custom Build a Solution for You!

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