Individual Voicemail Accounts - An Important Feature for Your Communication Practices!

Great Features from the Best Business Phone Service Provider 

Providing your business callers the opportunity to leave a voicemail with individuals within your organization is a time saver. No need to jot down a note and stick it on their desk, just transfer the call to the extension and the caller can leave a detailed message. Basic? Yes, but important none the less. 

With sipVine, every user has a voicemail assigned to their extension/direct dial number. Individuals can customize their own unavailable greeting. They can also set a temporary greeting when they are on vacation, traveling on business or other such examples. This temporarily overrides the standard unavailable greeting until it is removed, leaving the original greeting in place.

Direct to voicemail extensions are also available so that call screeners can transfer the call directly to voicemail when the receiving party requests not to be disturbed.

Voicemail Delivery

Every individual can select their desired delivery preference. sipVine can deliver voicemails to the phone, email, or both. Voicemails delivered to the phone should be deleted after actions are taken. Voicemails delivered to email include information as to the time of the call, caller ID of the caller, and length of the voicemail attached. The actual sound file is attached to the email. This allows users to listen to their emails from their computer or cell phone if their company email delivers to the cell phone. With the email delivery, it is very easy to forward the voicemail to others for action or even save it for record purposes.

Communication Enhancement

Being able to check voicemail when away from the office and return calls is a very nice feature for remote, mobile, or high customer contact staff.  


sipVine associates have helped thousands of businesses optimize their communication practices and consult on what type of  set up works best for you.   If you'd like a quote or a consultation, please reach out to us.