Ditch the Fax Machine and Fax Virtually!

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sipVine offers a variety of faxing options to meet the operational requirements of our customers.   Although faxing technology has been around since the 1980's, it is still an accepted means for transmitting documents, orders, and the like.  Many hosted VoIP providers do not offer this service, but sipVine has been able to provide a number of ways to make this old technology work with today's infrastructure.

Virtual Faxing

Many sipVine customers have moved to a total virtual faxing environment.  The key is that they are faxing scanned documents from their personal desktop or a document management system.  There's no more checking the fax machine or leaving your workstation to send a fax!

  • Virtual Outbound Faxing - There are two options for our customers to choose from for outbound faxing.  By accessing our fax web portal, they can attach scanned documents and create a cover page and send them to a fax number.  Additionally, we can register some or all of the company emails with faxing authorization and they can send the "email" to a fax number with attachments.
  • Virtual Inbound Faxing - Inbound faxes are directed to an email address or addresses as defined by the customer.  Faxes come to the email with the sender information in the body of the email.  The actual fax is delivered as a PDF attachment.
  • Other Fax Portal Options - The portal will show faxes sent and retain faxes received until they are deleted.

Traditional Faxing

Well, this is "traditional" with respect that the fax machine is engaged.  sipVine deploys an analog adapter that converts the analog signal from the fax machine to a digital signal so it can be sent out over your internet connection.  This secure transmission is sent to our data center and converted back to an analog signal and sent over the public telephone network to your desired fax number destination.   The opposite path occurs when an inbound fax is processed to the machine.

For our customers who have selected virtual faxing, we can still set up a fax machine for outbound delivery only.  Thus, faxes can be sent virtually via the fax portal or email and from the fax machine.

For sipVine associates, our goal is to satisfy your faxing requirements and introduce you to the virtual options should they be of interest to you.  If you'd like a quote or a consultation, please reach out to us.