Expand Your Customer Touch Points with Texting Features!

Reach your customers where they already are:  on their phones! 

sipVine has partnered with SimpleTexting to deliver a full-featured texting platform for your business.  The platform allows you to manage text conversations with a team of people via desktop and mobile apps.

SimpleTexting Logo

The platform is affordable, easy to use, and allows your brand to be fully registered for compliance  to the federal texting  regulations.  Get your message across, and seen, in seconds.  Manage conversations, contacts, and analytics from one central hub!

Number Selection

Businesses can choose to use a new number for their texting needs or port away the SMS (texting) component  of their main line or direct dial number(s), leaving the voice component of their number operating on sipVine.

Full Featured Texting Platform

  • Mobile Worker All Phone DeviceThe platform allows multiple team members to view and participate in text conversations with your customers. 
  • Bulk text campaigns are easy to set up and the recipients have the opportunity to opt out of future texts with ease. 
  • The mobile app allows team members to view and respond to texts while away from the office.
  • Templates can be created that will enable you create a standard signature or canned responses to your most frequently asked questions.
  • Away messages can be sent when you are outside your business hours.
  • Internal notes can be pinned to your conversations so your team can view your discoveries or gain some more context to the issue at hand.
  • Conversations can be assigned to a team member.