Create Contact Directories on Your sipVine VoIP Phone Devices!

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All of sipVine's VoIP phone devices have the ability to add contacts to a directory for look up and dialing. We have all become very used to having contacts on personal phone devices, and that same convenience can be experienced with your work phones. Easily manage external business contacts on your VoIP phone devices with sipVine's contact directory.

VoIP Desk Phones

All of the VoIP phones in sipVine's line-up from Yealink and Polycom include the ability to add contacts to a directory.

  • Manually add new contacts
  • Add contacts from your call history
  • Access the directory to search or scroll, then press to dial
  • The Polycom devices even allow for you to select special ring tones for your contacts. Give that "special" contact a unique ring tone!

sipSoft Desktop Phone

sipVine's soft phone for the Windows operating system also has the ability to add contacts to a contact list. It is recommended that internal contacts be added along with external contacts. Given this device resides on your computer, manual entry or adding from history is very easy and intuitive.

  • Manually add contacts
  • Add contacts from call history
  • Import contacts

Dialing or even transferring calls to contacts from sipSoft is very easy. Clicking on the contact tab before dialing is one way, but you will love the ability to just start typing a name in the dial bar to access your selection and click to dial or transfer.

sipVine softphones for mobile devices work similar to the sipSoft desktop app when adding contacts.

sipVine Import

sipVine's support staff can also add a contact list for you into a desk VoIP phone or a common contact list to all phones.  Additionally, if your company has a common speed dial extension list, we can also program that for you.


sipVine associates have helped thousands of businesses optimize their communication practices. Let us help you with your contact list or speed dial requirements.  If you'd like a quote or a consultation, please reach out to us.