sipVine Hosted VoIP Features

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Businesses enjoy the robust set of features offered by sipVine. sipVine customizes the deployment to meet specific customer requirements and maintains the system as if we were your personal phone department! sipVine's hosted VoIP features provide everything you need to run and grow your business backed by exceptional customer service.and benefits.


Check Out Our Newest Feature

We're excited to launch our newest feature, the sipPanel.  Perfect for users who prefer desktop phones, call centers, multi-site organizations and more!


sipPanel - Desktop Integration

Central reception, supervisors, and end users can view status of active users and call queues. Can click to call, dial, transfer, record and more right from the sipPanel.


Customer Access Portal

On-line depository of a variety of historical and real-time call reports, call forwarding, and more!


Automated Attendant

Deploy at beginning or following a call flow and customize to your specific call routing needs.



Voicemail for every user delivered to the phone and/or email.


Music On Hold

Standard and custom options available for music/messaging on hold.


Holiday Schedule

Your auto attendant can be pre-programmed with a holiday greeting  according to a pre-defined schedule.


Hunt Groups

Initial calls or other routing can be directed to a team of associates.


Call Queues

Log-in options can be programmed so calls are directed to the next available associate.


Time of Day Routing

Routing of calls and auto attendant messaging/ options can vary with time of day or day of week.


Direct Dial Numbers

Every user will have a direct dial number, providing for routing efficiency.


Extension Options

Direct extension dialing, direct transfer to voicemail, and direct paging options.


Call Blocking

Block those pesky and intrusive callers.


Virtual Faxing

Inbound faxing to email. Outbound from fax machine or via email or web portal.



Corporate directory on phone and ability to add personal directory contacts.


Meet-me Conference

Hold a conference call with multiple parties. This service utilizes our toll free pricing platform.


Paging Groups

Create speed dial paging groups to page phones and/or to an overhead system.


Find Me

Connect user direct dial and extension calls to cell phones simultaneously or to a soft phone app on the mobile device.

call park

Call Park

High call volume may call for one or more parking spaces to be created to place callers on hold and retrieved from any phone.

call recording

Call Recording

On demand recording of individual calls or an optional automatic recording of calls through our sipRecord service provides for documentation and training opportunities. 

on call programming

On-Call Programming

Great example of custom feature to allow for flexible selection of who is included in certain ring groups or routines.

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