Take Advantage of Direct Dial Numbers and a Variety of Extension Options!

Great Features from the Best Business Phone Service Provider! 

sipVine provides the option of direct dial numbers to be programmed for every phone, allowing outside callers to reach their intended contact without going to an auto attendant or receptionist.  Additionally, each phone is provided a series of extensions, allowing for short extension dialing, direct transfer to voicemail, and direct paging.

Direct Dial Numbers

Whether you are porting over your existing direct dial number or if you need a set of new direct dials, you will be able to enjoy the benefits this feature has to offer.  Customers and suppliers who work directly with certain associates will appreciate the ability to contact them with a direct dial number.  Examples would be direct sales associates and purchasing agents.

Setting up direct dialing capabilities for select associates will also eliminate some calls to your main line and free up time or interruption to those assigned to the main line ring group.  Additionally, because all phones have this capability, personal calls can be made directly instead of through the main line.

Extension Options

sipVine can program phones to bring over your current extensions or create a new extension pattern.  We have extensions that allow for phone to phone direct calling and transferring and extension dialing from calls to the auto attendant for those callers who know the internal extension they are trying to reach.

Additionally, every phone can have a direct to voicemail extension.  If a call is being transferred to an employee who is not in the office or has requested that calls be directed to voicemail, this special extension will send the call directly to the voicemail and bypass the ringing of the phone.

Finally, every phone can have a direct page extension for those businesses who require phone to phone paging.

An example of an extension pattern is as follows.   Say  an individual has a direct dial number of 555.4750.  The extension pattern created would be:

  • Short extension to phone - 450
  • Direct to Voicemail extension - 550
  • Direct Page - 250

sipVine can also program available buttons on the phone or sidecars to be "Busy Lamp Fields" (BLF).  BLFs bypass the need to enter extension numbers when reaching out or transferring a call to an associate.  If the associate is on the phone, the button will change from green to red, hence the reason for the "busy lamp" nomenclature.

One System, Easy Contact

No matter where your associates are located, you can extension dial or direct dial them.  Whether you have multiple locations, a work at home workforce, or highly mobile or remote workers, all phones are connected into the same system.   You can choose to have direct dial numbers that are tied into the headquarters or branch location for all employees regardless of physical location, or have direct dial numbers tied to the base location of every associate.  

sipVine associates have helped thousands of businesses optimize their communication practices.  We will understand your goals and set up a direct dialing plan and extension pattern that works best for your situation.   If you'd like a quote or a consultation, please reach out to us.