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Nothing more than you need; nothing less than you expect!Small Businesses Choose Hosted VoIP

The Easy, Affordable Way for Small Business to Get the Same Features as Big Businesses (But with Even Better Phone Service)

There is a reason more than 40 percent of small businesses have made the switch to business hosted VoIP. Business owners are catching on that a VoIP system for small business makes sense because it’s the perfect solution for keeping employees in touch wherever they are, conferencing calling, and keeping employees focused on their jobs instead of receptionist duties. Plus, it’s scalable for small businesses whether you have a handful or hundreds of employees working at one or several locations.

A VoIP system easily grows with your company, so you never have the hassle of upgrading your phone system or changing providers to get expanded service and advanced features. What your business needs as it grows is there the whole time, including:

  • Synced Messaging: Employees receive voicemails and faxes in their email so they’re never out of touch, even during client meetings or sales appointments.
  • Virtual Office: Employees can work from anywhere and be connected to your company phone system, which can cut down on office costs and offer flexibility as an employee benefit.
  • Conference Call Features: Initiate crystal-clear, three-way conference calls on demand without tethering cell phones or finding a reliable third party.
  • Automated Attendant: Enjoy a professional call routing system that sends callers directly to an employee, no matter where they are, and allow employees to focus on their jobs rather than answering phones.

Upgrading to VoIP Phone for Small Business Phone Service is Smart, but Make Sure to Choose the Best Service Provider

Upgrading to a business hosted VoIP gives you the opportunity to break free from all the things you dislike about traditional phone service like expensive fees for add-ons, long-term contracts, underwhelming customer support and price increases. But only if you choose a business VoIP service provider that’s nothing like your old phone company.

With sipVine, you receive all the benefits of upgrading to VoIP and none of the problems you had with your old phone company.

  • Tailored rate packages to your needs and usage
  • Local customer support at your fingertips (just dial 7HELP to talk to a person)
  • No long-term contracts
  • Advanced phones and features that will never outgrow your infrastructure

It's Like VoIP Was Made for Small Businesses

With a customized phone system, tailored service plans and pricing, advanced communication features, and personal, local support, sipVine’s VoIP phone service was made for small businesses with mobile and hard-working teams.

Even Switching to sipVine's VoIP Service is Easy

There is just ONE step.

            Fill out a short form or call us directly at 816.268.2590 

 We take it from there recommending the right phones and service for your small business. We handle everything related to the switch. There’s no learning curve. Everything works like you expect it to. Except if you have a question, you can talk to support directly and immediately by dialing 7HELP.

Switching is a cinch! Try it. Talk to a real person right now at 816.268.2590

What to Know Before Moving Up to Business Hosted VoIP

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