Why Small Business Owners Love VoIP

Posted by Mark Greim on Sep 10, 2021 12:01:00 PM

Small Businesses experience many pressures and demands on resources, and their telecommunication decision is just one of those experiences.  Below are five reasons why small businesses are moving toward a Hosted VoIP phone service and turning this pressure to an advantage: 

Low Capital Investment:  Small business owners are always trying to be as prudent with their capital spending as possible.   A Hosted VoIP phone service allows small business owners to have a fully functional telephone solution for just the cost of the VoIP phones and a few small data components.  Thus,  business owners are able invest the money that they would have spent on a full phone system/PBX into business-oriented assets like equipment, marketing materials, or employees. 

sipVine Serves Small BusinessBig-system features for small-system prices:  Small businesses have to have access to the same communications features and benefits as big businesses in order to compete.  A Hosted VoIP phone service equips small businesses with the features of a high-dollar communications system at a much smaller price.  For example, a small business can have an automated attendant service to give the impression that they are a large, highly staffed company, even if there are only a handful of employees.  Small firms could even have single receptionist answer calls for multiple offices in different geographic locations in order to reduce headcount without customers knowing that offices are geographically dispersed.

Flexibility:  For most small businesses, growing the business is the goal.  Small firms need a phone system that can grow with them at their own pace without a complete change-out of equipment.  Hosted VoIP helps small businesses expand by simply calling up their provider and ordering a new phone and a new phone number for that employee.  At the other end of the spectrum, many hosted phone providers will allow their clients to reduce the number of users on the system without paying a penalty.  While business contraction is never a goal, business owners at least have the comfort in knowing that they have the ability to reduce their operational expenditures should it be necessary.

Accessibility:  A small-business owner can’t be tied down by the physical restraints of an antiquated phone system.  They need a phone solution that can send calls to whatever location the employee is doing business that day.  A soft phone on their smart phone or laptop permits highly mobile employees to make and take calls wherever they are located.   Additionally, with voicemails and faxes delivered to business email addresses, employees can respond to their customer needs quickly regardless of whether they are in the office or not!

Small Business Owners Love VoIPReduced Administrative Headaches:  Small-business owners wear many hats. Where most of these roles involve all aspects of their business, one role they do not need to worry about is administering their office phone system!  Look for a Hosted VoIP provider who will handle the phone system administration for you so you can devoted your activities to running the  business.

There are a great number of benefits that make Hosted VoIP phone service worth exploring.  As with all business decisions, be sure you do your homework. Make sure that the company with which you do business is reliable and don’t be afraid to ask for references specific to your industry.  Also, describe to the prospective providers how your firm communicates internally and externally.  Ask them if their system can be programmed to match and if there are any features that will advance your communication practices. Finally, ensure that there aren’t any hidden fees or contracts that increase over time. You want to be certain that your phone service provider is always earning your business and is not protected by a term agreement.

Make every interaction with customers count with the help of sipVine's complete business communication solution! A better phone system for your small business with advanced features to match your unique business needs! Make your company's business communications better by engaging better customer experiences at every touchpoint. Want to learn more? Our small business phone service representatives are here to answer any questions you have!

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