Why Commercial Realtors Love Hosted Digital Phone Service

Posted by Mark Greim on Aug 3, 2010 10:05:00 AM

In today’s increasingly mobile and highly accessible work environment, many commercial realtors have found a great number of advantages by switching to a hosted digital phone service.  Not only have they improved their office communications, but they have provided their clients with a means to help make their moves easier by suggesting a change to hosted service as well.

First, for the commercial realtors themselves, they have found the following attributes of a hosted digital phone service to be advantageous to their office communications:

  1. Mobile Workforce – With their agents showing properties or even working remotely, certain hosted VoIP providers can configure the office phones to simultaneously ring the office phone and the agent’s cell phone.  Or, agents can choose to forward their office phones to their cell phones when they are out of the office.  This type of accessibility is ideal for this industry.
  2. Unified Communications – Voicemails left on office phones and faxes can be delivered electronically to email.  Again, for a mobile workforce, receiving notification of a voice mail to a smart cell phone allows for greater efficiency and responsiveness to clients.
  3. Multiple Branch Optimization – If an agency operates multiple branches, reception services can be either centralized or automated, allowing for cost savings and efficient routing of incoming calls.  An automated attendant can be put in place even at a single location to drive savings or route calls effectively.

Commercial realtors have also benefitted by recommending hosted digital phone service for their prospective clients.  If they are working with a VoIP provider that can deliver service over any brand of high speed internet, they can help their clients by making their moves easier.  Many clients are also making a phone service and equipment decision at the time of their move.  The recommendation is to install their hosted phone service at their previous location so that the porting of numbers and other considerations are completely taken care of prior to moving.  That way they are not worried about any out of service time frames or trying to “time” their move with their phone number ports.  On moving day, they simply move the equipment and plug into their network and they are immediately operational.

To understand more advantages and learn more of the details of how this can work, contact sipVine under no obligation and we’ll gladly consult with you.

About the author:  Mark Greim is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at sipVinea provider of a variety of digital phone solutions and services. Mark has extensive experience working for start-up or entrepreneurial organizations and a passion for affordable, reliable, and purposeful technology solutions in those environments. 

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