Manufacturing Companies


The best phone service for Manufacturing Companies. Custom built by sipVine!

We build our solution to apply to your unique environment! 

sipVine Features That Resonate Most with Manufacturing Companies:

These installations can vary widely and sipVine customizes the deployment to best meet the needs of the company. There are typically multiple employee groups, from office, outside sales, inside sales, and shop/warehouse.

  • Different Employee Uses – An expensive phone system is not necessary to configure the right communication platform for these customers. sipVine can deploy solutions to meet the needs of the office staff, ACD or hunt groups for inside sales or customer service, virtual solutions for outside sales, and set ups for the shop or warehouse.
  • Unlimited Calling – These customers typically have customers or suppliers across the country. All local and long-distance calls are included in our monthly service price.
  • Group Paging and Intercom – For the shop and warehouse, a paging / intercom program is easily implemented, along with call park and other advanced features. 

Types of Manufacturing Companies Served:

  • Chemical Plants
  • Machinery
  • Parts Distribution
  • Building Products Manufacturing
  • Printing Companies 

Driving Benefit

Handling diverse needs of an employee population has traditionally necessitated an expensive phone system or compromising needs. sipVine’s Hosted Solution is less expensive than traditional systems and the features are vast and customized.

Let sipVine Custom Build a Solution for You!

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