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Affordable. Flexible. Powerful. Advance your business with sipVine Hosted VoIP!


Moving your business to a hosted VoIP service not only is affordable, but will free you from ever upgrading your phone system again. You gain the flexibility you need to grow your business and improve your communication practices.

Low Up-Front Investment

With Hosted VoIP, all you need to purchase are the VoIP handsets for your business. There are a variety of options of VoIP phones, most at a very reasonable cost. Typically, businesses capture a return on investment in a very short time frame and you will see lower administrative and maintenance costs and, many times, lower phone service costs as well through sipVine.

No Obsolescence

Because you are now connecting to your phone system over the internet, sipVine bears the financial and managerial responsibility of keeping the phone system current and state-of-the-art. Thus, you will always have access to new features and technologies through sipVine without reinvesting in a new phone switch. Wouldn't you have loved to know this ten years ago? From the handset perspective, depending upon the manufacturer and general wear and tear, they should last a long time. Down the road, you may choose to upgrade a few handsets to newer models, but that is a choice you would make.

A Phone System that Grows When You Grow

One of the challenges when purchasing a phone system is sizing it to meet your future needs. You run the risk of overspending and may still miss the mark, or under spending and need a full replacement in the future. Hosted VoIP removes all of those risks, as you only need to purchase the number of handsets you need today. As you grow, you simply add a handset. If you downsize, we can take phones out of service. Thus, your phone system will always be sized to your business. Additionally, as time goes on, we will continue to introduce new handsets and features to the platform, keeping your system on the cutting edge of technology.

A Phone System that Goes Where You Go

As your business grows, you may see the need to move to a larger location. Because your system is hosted with sipVine, all you need to do is move your handsets to the new location and you're good to go. Of course the new location would need to have internet connectivity and an internal network set up, but that's it!  It also will allow for tremendous flexibility in these situations, as you can defer the expense of moving right away by deploying a virtual workforce or a smaller, secondary location. Associates could have phones at the other location or at their homes, and they will be connected to the "system" just as if they were at the headquarters!

Features Than Can Aid Your Business

If you haven't upgraded your phone system in a while, there are numerous advancements that can improve your internal and external communications. sipVine's Hosted VoIP platform offers the latest features, all of which are a part of the standard package. From customized call flows to find-me/follow-me features for sales and service associates, let us share with you all of the features of the service and how they can elevate your business!

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