VoIP Phones for Mobile or Remote Applications

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Phone technology in the business environment continues to improve as more companies shift to hosted VoIP services. Many companies have incorporated desk phone alternatives in their office environment, such as soft phones that operate on their computers, tablets, or smart phones.

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Use of soft phones range from a full deployment among all associates to selected or complimentary assignment. Companies may select associates who work from home or travel frequently to have soft phones set up on their lap top computers. Similar to having an office desk phone at home, a benefit of the hosted VoIP phone systems is that these individuals will have the appearance of being on the in-house phone system, with the ability to include them in ring groups and to extension dial or transfer calls internally. 

Additionally, some employees may have soft phones set up as a compliment to their office desk phone. In these cases, the soft phone is set up to ring at the same time as the desk phone. Associates only turn the soft phone on when they are working remotely.

Other Alternatives

Soft phones are also available for tablets or smart phones, allowing those devices to be utilized as an extension of the office phone. For tablets, there are available headsets to allow for sound quality to be improved. It is not recommended that these devices be utilized as a primary office phone, as they are dependent upon a solid WiFi or 3G/4G signal. We would not recommend use of this version of soft phone while driving or moving around. However, when traveling internationally, this is a great alternative to paying international minutes on your cell phone!

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