sipSoft soft phones by sipVine

Powering your business's remote employee or highly mobile workforce.

sipVine's sipSoft line up includes apps for your desktop/laptop or mobile device.  sipSoft is powerful enough to be used as a full production phone and easy enough to be used for convenience while you are away from the office and still need to make and receive calls.   

Individual sipSoft soft phones will be set up to receive calls made to the employee's direct dial or extension.  It also can be placed into any queues or ring groups in which they are included.  If they are using it as a duplicate to their desk phone, it will only ring when the app is turned on.

Remote Employees:  The desktop sipSoft app is great for remote or work-from-home employees where a VoIP desk phone isn't an ideal option.  Or, some employees prefer to not have a desk phone and work well from a desk top app.  Ideally, these would pair with a USB or Blue Tooth headset.

Highly Mobile Employees: The sipSoft Mobile app works great for highly mobile employees where it is important that they can receive and make business calls wherever they are located.  When taking a call, the caller would have no idea that they are receiving the call from the road, client location, or the golf course!  When making calls from the sipSoft app, they will be delivering the caller ID of the business, not their cell phone.

Disaster Recovery: Some sipVine customers have even set up some sipSoft apps to be used in case their office internet drops.  In the event this occurs and the desk phones are down until the internet connection returns, individuals set up with sipSoft Mobile apps can still be  making and receiving calls!  

Soft Phone Line-up


Desktop Soft Phone for Windows



  • Replaces or supplements desk phone
  • Keypad dialing
  • Contacts
  • Call History
  • Transfer Calls
  • Works with the sipPanel

Mobile -  iPhone /Android -  powered by Bria


  • Replaces or supplements desk phone
  • Great for highly mobile associates
  • Uses WiFi or mobile data network
  • Delivers business caller ID; not cell phone
  • Call History
  • Contacts
  • Call Transfer/Conference

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