The sipVine Difference

sipVine Delivers the Best VoIP Phone Service!

Thus, no need for contracts!


It all starts with a simple philosophy.  By striving to earn our customers business each and every day, we move forward with the confidence knowing that we don't need to falsely create loyalty through a term agreement!   

From there, sipVine differentiates our service from the national VoIP providers and telephone service companies in several meaningful ways.  It's a difference you can feel with every contact with our organization and it is a difference you can hear with every call you make.

The Anatomy of the Best VoIP phone service.

Quality of Service

Delivering voice conversations that are crisp and clear should be table stakes for any telephone service.  However, most VoIP providers simply want you to increase your bandwidth. sipVine deploys a device on your network to shape your voice and data traffic, placing a priority on your voice traffic back to our host. Learn more about our standard setting Quality of Service approach.

Custom Configuration

We configure the feature set and call flow for how you do business. We don't just drop ship our phones with instructions on how to use them. We make sure that you get the most benefit from our options and features and customize the configuration to meet your needs.

Awesome Service

Our goal in customer service is for all of our associates to get to know each and every customer. We have a unique position in that we need to know your business to be able to custom configure your service. When you contact us for a sales discussion or a service request, you will absolutely feel the refreshing difference between sipVine and your previous provider. 

Robust Feature Set

sipVine offers a vast number of advanced communication features that typically are only found in expensive VoIP installations. We also continually add to our features as we solve for unique challenges our customers may have. Once we add a feature for one client, it is made available for all customers.

Extensive Footprint

We can deliver local service and port numbers in most localities coast to coast. We specialize in servicing customers with multiple locations, creating a system as if they were all under one roof!

Simple Pricing

How about a one page bill? Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward. One flat rate per month per user or sip trunk provides our customers with unlimited local and long-distance dialing, access to all features, and all of our administrative support. And, yes, all on a one-page bill!

No Contracts!

Unlike other phone service providers, sipVine does not coerce you into signing a term contract. We believe that each day you have an opportunity to rate our service and trust that we will continue to earn your business through our performance.

Let us earn your business today!    

"sipVine is a great company to work with!  I love the fact that I'm not transferred from person to person until I finally get to the right department. The technical support team is awesome because they will take their time with you and walk you through any issue that you have and if they are not able to fix it on the spot, they will get back to you immediately!”

Laura Bodine

ABMI Mergers and Acquisitions