Automate Your Phone System Routines Based Upon Your Business Hours of Operation!

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Keeping with the theme that every business is unique, sipVine can program your phones to operate differently based upon the day of the week and time of day.  This can be automatic, giving you one less thing to worry about when leaving the office or taking a holiday.

Standard Hours of Operation

Most businesses provide a standard days of the week and times of day in which they are open for business.  This allows sipVine to program different call flows and auto attendant greetings based upon the day and time.

For example, during hours, the call flow may be to ring a certain set of phones first, then a second ring group, and then land on a during-hours auto attendant.  After-hours, the business may have calls go directly to an auto attendant with a different greeting letting callers know they are closed and specify their standard operating hours.  The auto attendant options can even be different after-hours calls.

Time of Day Options

Some businesses even take the scheduling to a more complex design.  For example, they program a different call flow during a lunch hour.  Perhaps this is a different ring group as people take shifts for lunch.  Or, they simply have the calls go directly to an auto attendant.

Holiday Scheduling

sipVine can also pre-program your planned holiday schedule for the coming year.  This can include a different greeting and auto attendant options for the holiday.  The business provides us with their planned schedule at the start of every year, and we will make sure it is in place.  Of course, we can also do this on-demand but we would love to get your plans in advance.

Manual Processing

Set scheduling doesn't always work for every business, as people do not always arrive and leave at "normal" times.  We can create a process where the call flow, messaging, and auto attendant options are manually turned on and off.  This can be either every day or work in conjunction with a standard schedule.  For example, if the office is closing earlier than the planned schedule, you can manually "close" the office so the call flow and messaging works as if it is after hours.

sipVine associates have helped thousands of businesses optimize their communication practices and consult on what type of scheduling and process works best for you.  It is what we do, and we're happy to help.  If you'd like a quote or a consultation, please reach out to us.