Block Unwanted Calls Coming into Your Business!

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Face it. We all receive those calls. From pesky robocalls to annoying telemarketers to even harassing callers, it would be nice to be able to easily block them from calling your business. Even with new regulations in place designed to alert you to potential spam callers on the caller ID, it doesn't stop these calls from happening.  

These calls are a nuisance and are disruptive to your operation. Fortunately, sipVine provides an easy way to add numbers to a blocked list.

Through our customer access portal, simply go to the option to add a number to the call block list. Adding a number will restrict it from calling your main line and any direct dial number in your organization.  

The customer access portal (CAP) also provides an option to view all of the numbers on the blocked list as well as remove a number from the blocked list.

Robocalls are the worst and most difficult to stay on top of. They tend to recognize when a number isn't accessible to being dialed and try again from another number.  If your organization is being vigilantly disrupted by robocalls, another option is to place your auto attendant in front of your main line ring group.  Robocallers do not have the ability to press an option, so the call does not go through. 

If your business is facing other extreme cases, contact sipVine support to help devise a solution.


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