Connect Multiple Parties on a Conference Call with sipVine's Meet-Me Conference!

Great Features from the Best Business Phone Service Provider 

When your standard 3-way conference call from your sipVine phone just isn't enough, sipVine offers a conferencing service for unlimited internal and external callers. The conference call is secured by each individual scheduler with a dynamically set conference ID and PIN. Thus, multiple conferences can be conducted at the same time using the same external number and internal extension.

Internal callers to the conference who are using a sipVine phone are provided an extension to dial to access the conference. These calls do not count toward the minutes of use on the conference call. External calls are provided a toll free number to access the conference, however, these services are charged on a per minute basis.  

Improve Communications with Employees and Customers

If your employees are not all under one roof, you can use the conference service to conduct employee meetings. The set up is easy and if everyone calls in via the internal extension, the call doesn't carry a charge.

You may have a need to communicate to a customer or prospect who has participants in multiple locations.  Thus, the meet-me conference service is a great way to consolidate the communication to one call.


sipVine associates have helped thousands of businesses optimize their communication practices. Let us know if this service is part of your requirements.  If you'd like a quote or a consultation, please reach out to us.