Customer Access Portal

Understand Your Business Call Volume and More with sipVine's Customer Access Portal (CAP)

Great Features from the Best Business VoIP Provider!

sipVine customers can authorize users to have access to a portal that provides on-line reporting with historical and real-time data. Along with creating and downloading  key call detail record reports and other productivity information, you can also forward phones, block numbers, and more directly from this portal.



Upon entering the portal, you see a quick view of your recent total call history plus a seven day average call distribution by hour. At a glance, you can gain an idea of your call production and time of day when it is the busiest.  From there, you have several items you can access:

Standard Reporting

  • Company Directory Report - a full list of names, direct dial numbers, internal extensions, and phone types on the network
  • Quick Look: Today's Calls - includes time stamp, calling party, called party, and duration

Custom Reports and Functions

  • All Inbound/Outbound Call Detail Record (CDR) - user defined range and includes time stamp, calling party, called party, and duration
  • Inbound Calls to Main Lines - includes standard CDR information but filters out all calls except for inbound to the main line
  • Top 20 Concurrent Call Peaks - for user defined range, this report will stack the date and times of concurrent calls by volume. Great for assessing phone coverage needs.
  • User Extension Call Detail Records - for a user defined range, this CDR provides a full list of call activities for a specific user
  • Custom Call Processes - if we have custom programmed an on-call assignment, a forced open/closed schedule, or other custom call routing using extension dial enabling, we can build it on your portal so you can enable it on-line.
  • And more!  If information isn't available that you're looking for, check with sipVine to see if it can be custom built for you!

Call Forwarding

  • Display Call Forwarding Status - identifies which users currently have their phones forwarded
  • Enable or Disable Call Forwarding - this feature is currently only able to forward user direct dials and extensions. sipVine will utilize this platform for main line forwarding in the near future.
  • Call Blocking - you can block, unblock, and display all blocked numbers into your business through the use of the CAP