Sweet Phones from sipVine!

OK, it's more than just the phones. 

A solid phone line up is important to any VoIP provider. But, a cool phone is nothing but a paperweight unless it is on a great hosted platform and serviced by a provider committed to customizing the program to your business.

sipVine only promotes phones from the best-in-class manufacturers, Yealink and Poly. Quality in manufacturing leads to a long life supported by firmware updates to keep the models current. Our other selection criteria are ease of use, robust features, and flexibility in programming.

Making the VoIP Phones Sweet

  • sipVine maximizes the feature set of the phones by provisioning them on our robust hosted VoIP platform.
  • After a extensive planning meeting, the phones and system platform are configured to match the requirements and desires of your business.
  • sipVine continues to back your business by handling all of the administrative changes relating to the phone system. We act as your phone department, getting to know you and your team. 

Check out our line-up of Sweet Phones today!

"We have been very pleased with sipVine. When we first started, I was concerned about moving from traditional phone service, but we've had no issues and the benefits and flexibility that sipVine provide are great. With our old provider I would often have to spend hours on the phone working on billing or technical problems. In two years I've never had one billing or technical problem with sipVine."

John Hanson

The Maids of Kansas City