How can Digital Phone Service Technology Manage your Call Flow?

Posted by Mark Greim on Jun 7, 2010 11:54:00 AM

The right digital phone service provider can configure your business phone traffic patterns for how you do business, thus improving your efficiency and customer communications. There are several options a business can deploy:

·       Incoming Line Options – The first variable in custom programming is determining how incoming calls to a company’s main line are handled.  If an automated attendant is not utilized, phone calls can be directed to a receptionist, ring a group of people simultaneously, or be programmed to roll from selected individuals as desired.

·       Time of Day Call Schedules – Businesses can choose to program call routing schedules based upon the time of day.  The best example is before and after hours of operation.  Businesses can have their calls directed to alternative phone numbers (answering services, cell phones, etc.) or to an after-hours auto attendant. Businesses with branch locations in multiple time zones can direct incoming calls based upon staff availability for that time of day.

Call Routing with Digital Phone Service

·       Hunt/Ring Groups and ACD Queues – You can also designate groups of people to be eligible to take a specific type of call.  For example, you may have a customer service department with multiple representatives. Your receptionist or auto attendant can send new calls into this group list, which can be programmed for simultaneous ring, hunting for the next available attendant, or in an actual queue. These can be as numerous as your business has categories for customer contact and each can be uniquely programmed for the right ring pattern for the situation.

·       Automated Attendant – Customers can be routed directly to the right group of people to meet their needs through an automated attendant.  This eliminates the need for a reception or call screening resource. There are some good guidelines to follow for effectively utilizing an auto attendant, as if it is implemented correctly, it can enhance your customer satisfaction and drive efficiency.

These are just a few of the ways a digital phone service provider can streamline your communication patterns.  As you evaluate providers, ensure that as a part of their installation and service that you receive this type of programming customized to how you do business!


About the author:  Mark Greim is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at sipVinea provider of a variety of digital phone solutions and services. Mark has extensive experience working for start-up or entrepreneurial organizations and a passion for affordable, reliable, and purposeful technology solutions in those environments. 


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