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Posted by Mark Greim on Apr 19, 2022 10:43:07 AM

Telecom companies and Hosted VoIP phone service providers do not enjoy a positive reputation when it comes to delivering a positive customer experience. From our beginnings in 2005, sipVine’s mission was to set a new bar for customer service experience. Achieving such a lofty goal takes a fresh approach from many different aspects and customer touch points.

Phone Service DepartmentAlthough Kansas City is home to sipVine, we strive to make every customer feel like we’re their personal phone department. sipVine serves thousands of small businesses in the Kansas City region and across the United States. We also specialize in supporting businesses with multiple locations, as there are tremendous benefits and unique features for those utilizing our Hosted VoIP platform. Examples of such organizations are Hantover Inc, Pioneer Music Company, Charles D Jones & Company, and Spec Building Materials.

Delivering business phone service on a higher satisfaction level involves much more than just relying on the power of the VoIP technology. It takes intentional philosophies and practices across multiple areas of focus. Below are some areas where sipVine distinguishes our service from other VoIP service providers and telecom companies:

Contracts and Pricing – Our goal is to be fair and to save our customers money in the process. We truly believe that we need to earn our customer’s business each day and with every interaction. We accomplish this by implementing: 

  • No long term contracts
  • No promotional pricing that expires and returns to a higher level after a defined promo period
  • No feature "bundles" that add confusion to pricing practices
  • No surprise telecom surcharges and fees

 Additionally, we've never increased the pricing for our services since we began in 2005 - we've only lowered our service rates. While our rates include most of our features, a few specialty features do come at an additional cost.

Custom Programming – The beauty of VoIP phone service is that it is essentially a program. This provides a great deal of flexibility and allows for the phone service to adapt to how each and every business desires to communicate. Where national VoIP providers ship phones to their customers and provide a portal to set up their service, we conduct a pre-installation consultation that gathers all needed information for custom programing.


 Self-servicing portals are not easy. Many businesses lack the time or ability to set up call flows, queues, ring groups, auto attendants, and time of day routing. And, there are other programmable items on the phones themselves, like main line appearances, business lamp fields, parks, speed dials, and paging options.

We've brought on countless customers who have been frustrated with the self-servicing requirements of the national VoIP providers. We rarely see the phones programmed effectively or call flows set up correctly. We have the expertise to interpret a business’s needs and effectively incorporate them into the design configuration. We can offer suggestions and best practices, or simply make the phones work exactly how our customers require.

Phone Administration – Similar to our programming philosophy, sipVine performs all changes required by our customers. These range from simple name changes as employees change, complicated call flows or auto attendant adjustments as the needs require. 


Our customers view us as their “phone department”. We provide a number of ways to reach us and we make changes quickly and efficiently. Customers appreciate not having to navigate a programming portal or the trial and error approach forced upon them by our competition. 

Did we mention that we do not charge for phone administration? We consider this a part of our service. Just let us know what you need and we’ll take care of it. 

www.sipvine.comhs-fshubfssocial-suggested-imagesVoIP_Customer_Service-1Customer Service – One of the advantages of providing custom programming and on-going phone administration is we get to know all of our customers very well. Chances are when you contact sipVine, you’ll be working with someone who knows you. What other telecom company or VoIP service provider can say that? 


Our service team are all located centrally located in Kansas City to serve our customer base coast to coast. We do not utilize contract call center services or off shore this important piece of our service strategy. Such an approach may cost us more, but it pays off in customer satisfaction and retention.

As mentioned, we provide a number of ways to put requests into our team. Whether email, phone calls, or directly contacting our ticket system, customers can choose what works best for them. We even provide each customer with an extension to directly reach us. Simply dial 7HELP from any sipVine phone and avoid navigating through impersonal options.

VoIP for Non Profit OrganizationsGiving Back – sipVine provides business phone service to many non-profit organizations. One of the ways we give back to our communities is to offer all non-profit organizations automatic discounts on our monthly service and upfront equipment costs. They don’t have to ask for them, we just do it, and gladly. 


So, why not reach out and experience the sipVine difference? Make every interaction with your customers count with the help of sipVine's complete business communication solution! A better phone system for your small business with advanced features to match your unique needs. 

Want to learn more? Our small business phone service representatives are here to answer any questions you have!

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