Is Your VoIP Phone System Lasting as Long as it Could?

Posted by Mark Greim on Aug 15, 2023 9:15:00 AM

This is a trick question, right? For a while now, companies have been capitalizing on the advantages of a phone system that operates in the cloud. This is because there is a lower risk of becoming outdated when businesses only invest in VoIP phones instead of an in-house phone system. But businesses can still take actions to keep their VoIP phone systems up to date and get long-term benefits.

VoIP Provider Selection

Choosing the Right Hosted VoIP ProviderChoosing the appropriate Hosted VoIP provider is the most important decision for businesses looking to optimize their return on investment in VoIP phone systems. There are key areas to consider to ensure you are going with the right partner.

  • VoIP Phone Offerings – The right provider only works with VoIP Phones from the top manufacturers in the industry, like Yealink and Poly. These phones are reliable, durable and built for the long haul. They are feature rich, have an excellent sound quality and are used by many providers in case you need to move your service.
  • Feature Set – Many Hosted VoIP providers deliver a robust feature set for their phones. But, it is also important to evaluate how their platform has developed over time, like how they announce new features or other advancements and program updates.
  • System Maintenance – A clear benefit to businesses choosing a cloud-based phone system is that they do not need to purchase the phone system itself. Thus, they don’t need to worry about expansion limitations, parts, or obsolete features. The right VoIP provider routinely updates and/or replaces system hardware and firmware, and maintains redundancies to prevent outages and downtime.

Customer Actions

There are a couple areas where businesses can better ensure the longevity of their phone system, even if it is cloud based.

  • YeaLink2_editedRefresh VoIP Phones – We’ve suggested that selecting a provider who only promotes VoIP phones from the top manufacturers ensures the investment will last a long time. That remains true. However, as years go by, you can consider refreshing certain high use phones to newer models. Not only will this allow you to take advantage of new technological advancements, but also keep your system looking fresh to those who use it the most. The nice thing is that you can keep the old phones as spares or in low use areas and they will still work seamlessly with the new phones, avoiding unnecessary investments where applicable.
  • Review Communication Strategies & Programming – A hosted VoIP phone system is much more than the phones themselves. There are many programmatic features of the system that should be aligned with your communication strategies. Businesses should review their inbound and outbound call flows and related internal and external efficiencies. Changes occur over time and there may be more effective ways to program ring groups or call queues, auto attendants, etc. A good Hosted VoIP provider can help your business with alternatives and recommendations to best match your communication goals. Furthermore, the best providers will handle these programming changes on your behalf.

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