Lessen Your Business Moving Day Anxiety with Hosted VoIP Phone Service

Posted by Mark Greim on May 24, 2010 9:22:00 AM

Moving is stressful enough on your business, and you can quit worrying about whether your phone service will be up and running in time by going with Hosted VoIP phone service!  sipVine has helped many new customers ease this tension by implementing Hosted VoIP service prior to their move date.

Moving Phone ServiceThe previous plan for these prospective customers was to attempt to time their switch over to the new facility with their current carrier.  This involved provisioning their new lines and coordinating their cut over with the provider.  Depending upon the reliability and timeliness of the provider’s service department and the efficiency of moving their existing phone equipment, the business was potentially facing a period where they would be out of service for a period of time.

By choosing sipVine, we counseled these new customers to implement their new Hosted VoIP phone service prior to their move.  The porting of the phone numbers is taken care of in advance of the move and everyone is well trained on all the new features and benefits they receive from the Hosted VoIP phone service.  The new location is provisioned with an internet connection and it is all ready for the move.  On moving day, they simply plug their new VoIP phones into their Ethernet connection, connect the internet to the router, and they’re making and receiving phone calls!

Business Phone Service MoveOf course, timing out your business move to coincide with the installation of your new VoIP phones is also a possibility.  There are numerous considerations and sipVine is prepared to assist you in your planning and implement accordingly.

Additionally, these customers are able to save money on their wiring, as they only need to wire for Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet.  They can also choose to deploy Power over Ethernet switches for their VoIP phones and conserve on the number of outlets in offices they need to wire.

If your business is preparing for a move, consider it to be a time to enhance your phone system’s capabilities and lessen your move anxiety at the same time!  So, why not reach out and experience the sipVine difference. Make every interaction with your customers count with the help of sipVine's complete business communication solution! A better phone system for your small business with advanced features to match your unique business needs! Make your company's business communications better by engaging better customer experiences at every touchpoint. Want to learn more? Our small business phone service representatives are here to answer any questions you have!  Call us!



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