VoIP Provider, sipVine, Announces Website Redesign

Posted by Mark Greim on Dec 3, 2012 9:32:00 AM

sipVine, a nationwide provider of VoIP solutions, announces the launch of a refreshed website.  Robert Conner, sipVine CEO remarks:  “This revision has been a long time coming, and this truly better represents the organization in many ways.  More importantly, our philosophies and principles of customer satisfaction are prominently displayed throughout the site.”

sipVine thanks the many customers who volunteered for photo shoots.  “It was verysipVine customer happy with phone important to us to have this site be a reflection of those who have made our growth possible, our customers.  Photographing ‘real’ people happy with their phone service was the goal, and there’s no one better to represent this feeling than sipVine customers”, add Mark Greim, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

New visitors to the site have the opportunity to view sipVine’s digital phone solutions, request additional information, download whitepapers, and request quotes.  One of sipVine’s points of differentiation is the fact that their solution representatives consult with potential customers to customize the delivery of the phone solution that will work best for them.  This is why sipVine does not have an automated quote tool on the website.  From proposing the solution to designing the ultimate configuration of the program, such customization will maximize the benefits to the customer and drive their ultimate satisfaction.

Existing customers can utilize the site to download documentation and templates, request service or administration, schedule their holiday greetings, submit a referral, and even advertise their services to our other customers!  Referrals continue to be sipVine’s largest source of new customers, also reflecting the customer satisfaction driven by the service delivered.

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