What is the Best VoIP Phone Service for Professional Service Firms?

Posted by Mark Greim on Mar 21, 2023 1:09:38 PM

Professional service firms have long taken advantage of the power of Hosted VoIP phone service for their organizations. The feature set and flexibility delivered by Hosted VoIP perfectly matches the requirements of professional service firms and helps advance their communication practices with their customers and associates.

Phone Service for Professional Services FirmsProfessional Service Firms Take Advantage of Hosted VoIP’s Flexibility.

Because the phone system is cloud based, it offers these organizations many options as to how they build out their system. There are various VoIP device options that increase flexibility. This leads to improved operational efficiency for employees and better customer reachability.


  • Phone Service Anywhere – Professional Service firms can deploy VoIP phones in multiple places. These include the office, the home offices of employees, and any other location where employees use laptops or mobile devices. This provides organizations the flexibility to have their employees operate wherever it is most efficient for the business. Employees are often on the go, but need to be reachable as well, and soft phones to their laptops or mobile devices allow them to receive and make calls as if they were at the office, improving responsiveness, productivity, and customer satisfaction.
  • Low-Cost Scalability – As professional organizations grow, they never have to worry about their phone system or service being able to handle more capacity with Hosted VoIP. They simply order the number of phones and user seats from their provider that are required for the expansion and connect them to their office network. This model is ideal for start-up firms. They don't have to worry about having too few or too many phones. Instead, they simply need to secure the necessary number of phones when they first begin.
  • Seamless Addition of New Locations – Professional service firms can expand their footprint in the same city or out of town to meet customer demand. Hosted VoIP makes this very easy. Most VoIP service providers offer nationwide coverage. They can provide service wherever a business is located. Utilizing Hosted VoIP phone service allows for inter-office efficiencies, such as extension dialing, transferring between locations, and common processes. It also enables auto attendant selections and functions that serve both locations. 

Professional Service Firm Phone ServiceHosted VoIP Features Drive Operational Benefits to Professional Service Firms.

The professional service firm market category covers many disciplines. These include legal, architecture, engineering, financial, consulting, marketing, and accounting. Organizations find many options in the Hosted VoIP feature set. It is almost as if VoIP phone systems were made for professional services.

  • Unified Messaging - enables users to receive voicemails and faxes in their email. This makes it easier for them to respond on the go and store information in a client management system.
  • Auto Attendant – allows for efficient routing of customers to someone who can meet specific needs. Time of day scheduling offers flexibility. Different call flows and auto attendants can be set up depending on the time of day. The most common setup is for during and after hours.
  • Call Recording and Call Detail Records – some firms in this category need to record calls for documentation and storage and document and capture time spent on calls for billing and record keeping. Hosted VoIP systems absolutely meet this need.
  • Direct Dial Numbers – Many professionals in this category like the option of key clients being able to reach them directly, rather than going through the main line of the firm.

Powerful features, flexible deployments, and a low up-front and on-going investment deliver lasting benefits to the professional services market.

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