Why do IT Support Companies Love Hosted VoIP?

Posted by Mark Greim on Apr 11, 2023 9:45:00 AM

Information technology support companies have long embraced Hosted VoIP as their phone service of choice. Hosted VoIP enables their business to operate effectively but also exemplifies the newest technology that they would encourage their customers to embrace.

IT Companies Love Hosted VoIPIT Support businesses focus on the design and implementation of a network infrastructure for their customers. This includes the procurement and installation of network equipment such as servers, switches, and firewalls. Network cabling and WiFi hotspot installations are additional services these businesses provide. They also can help promote and select various software applications, both locally provisioned and cloud-based. It only makes sense for them to adopt cloud-based telephony for their business, serving as an example for their customers while taking advantage of the feature set offered by Hosted VoIP phone services.

Important Hosted VoIP Benefits to IT Support Companies

  • www.sipvine.comhs-fshubfsassetsimagesRemote Workforce TechnologyHosted VoIP Enables Highly Mobile Staff – The very nature of IT Support many times includes activities that only can be performed while on the go or at their customers’ locations. Using softphone applications on their laptops or mobile devices provides IT support staff with the ability to make and receive calls as if they were at their office. When using the app for making calls, they are delivering the caller ID of the business, rather than their personal phone number. They are also very reachable by their clients and home office staff while offsite or between stops.
  • Call Routing Options Aid Prompt Customer Service – Depending upon the size of the IT Support Company, there are several flexible components to a Hosted VoIP phone service that can efficiently handle calls from their customers. Incoming calls can be directed to an auto attendant for routing or a ring group of first-tier support staff. Should calls need to be transferred to a second-tier support group or to specific individuals, a speed-dial transfer to the ring group or an extension transfer to the specific individual are all common and simple practices.
  • Messaging Options Promote Faster Response - When groups or individuals are busy or unavailable, voicemails can be delivered to email so they can quickly be retrieved or forwarded to others for action. This leads to faster returned calls and improved customer service.

IT Support Companies Promote Hosted VoIP to their Customers

Many times, businesses look to their IT support professionals for recommendations for their network infrastructure and cloud-based solutions. Promoting technology that delivers financial and operational value solidifies their role in their customers’ operations.

IT_Professionals_Choose_Hosted_VoIPHaving selected a Hosted VoIP provider that works well for their own business but who also responds as promptly and effectively as they would for support needs of their customers, promoting this provider to their customers makes great sense. It encourages their customer’s to embrace a cloud-based service and to use a provider with whom they have first-hand experience. This advances their customers’ communication practices and system capabilities while cementing their relationship with the IT support provider as well.

Establishing such a working relationship with a Hosted VoIP provider can lead to a solid cross-referral relationship, as VoIP providers often encounter customers who need IT support, network cabling, and other areas of system management. Additionally, many Hosted VoIP providers offer partner or referral commissions as an added benefit to the IT support company.

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