How to Close a Sale and Improve Client Relationships: Pick up the Phone

Posted by Mark Greim on Jan 12, 2022 11:23:50 AM

Improve Client Relationships with sipVine’s Small Business Phone System

You invested in a new business phone system. You’ve trained your team on how to use the office phones and robust features. Yet, your primary source of business communication is email. Now is the time to push back from the keyboard and pick up the phone and talk to your customers and clients. 

Make a phone call and close a saleThe fact of the matter is email is easy. It allows you to carefully craft your thoughts and prepare a very good message. You may even think it is influential and will accomplish your desired outcome. But email is passive communication. You hit send….and wait. “Did they receive it? I wonder what they thought. What will their answer be?” When you do get a response, you may be left with more questions. “I wonder what they meant by that. What are the next steps?” 

Improve Customer Relations by Making Phone CallsA phone call is active communication. It shows your customers and clients that you are engaged in the matter at hand and that their input is valuable. It also provides immediate feedback which leads to an action-oriented response. Now is the time to pick up your fancy new VoIP phone and make a call. Your business communications and results will be improved with real-time responses and reactions. If they are not in the office, you can leave a voicemail or go back to your email and send a meeting request to schedule a time for a call. A phone call also provides interpersonal benefits — it’s a human connection (which is much-needed as more people are working remotely). It allows you to pick up on tone, emotion and nuances that aren’t available or are often misinterpreted in an email. Customer and client relationships are built with conversations, not emails. Sales are closed with influence, and the best way to influence is with a conversation.

Business Phone Systems Improve Client RelationshipsBusiness phone systems and office phones, in general, have evolved so much over the years, with Hosted VoIP designed to improve your communication practices and reachability. Small business phone providers strive to assist your business in setting up the programming to give your business a communication edge over your competitors. Why flush the investment by relying upon emails as a primary communication strategy?

Your business may also have invested in ways to allow you to work remotely. This can include investing in a phone system for a remote workforce. The beauty of Hosted VoIP is that you can connect to your business phone system wherever you can connect to the internet. This can be a VoIP desk office phone or even a softphone that resides on your laptop or smartphone. Such technology allows your customers to reach you wherever you are located, whether that be the office, home or the road. And, yes, you can make a call on those devices as if you were at the office! Expanding your reach with business phone systems instead of email will help close sales and improve client relationships.

So, think about this next time before you hit “send”. Try to only use email for scheduling, acknowledgments, and transactional items. Make your VoIP phone your primary communication tool and see if your personal results improve and if your overall feeling about how your day has gone improves. Heck, after your phone conversation, you can send a “thank you” via email! I bet your business contacts will notice!


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