Why Manufacturers Are Switching to Hosted VoIP Phone Service

Posted by Mark Greim on Jun 7, 2011 2:34:00 PM

As the economy slowly turns around, manufacturing, printing, and distribution companies are evaluating their infrastructure, including their phone systems and communication practices.  With cloud computing and telephony offering state-of-the-art platforms and applications with little up-front investment, these organizations are finding ways to enhance their administrative and customer service processes while creating some economic advantages.Hosted VoIP in Manufacturing

Specific to phone systems and service, many manufacturers are scrapping their antiquated telephone equipment in favor of VoIP phone systems.  By choosing to go to a cloud or hosted environment, they are able to significantly lower their initial capital outlay without sacrifice of new features or functionality that will improve their communication with their customers and employees.

There are unique conditions that exist in these environments where a customizable VoIP phone system can create a significant advantage.  Because of the many types of employee categories that exist in these environment (sales, customer service, billing/accounting, administration, line, etc.), certain solutions can be put into place to route calls quickly to the correct group.  This could be through the creation of ring groups with speed dial transfer extensions that are fed via a reception position or auto attendant.  Direct inward dial numbers can be put into place for certain positions to make it easier for customers to get to them.  Depending upon the capabilities of your hosted phone provider, there are many customizable options that can enhance communications without the outlay of significant capital for a new phone system.

There are other applications that are important to these environments, such as overhead paging and the ability to park and pick up calls.  These applications are available from hosted providers who focus on the customization of the configuration to meet the need.  Be mindful of providers who would prefer cookie cutter and “self” customization solutions.

Manufacturing and similar companies also tend to have a service area that is larger than a single locale.  Thus, the typical unlimited local and long distance calling plans that are part and parcel of hosted services can support the economic benefit by making the switch.  Additionally, VoIP phones can be deployed to remote personnel (at home or remote office) and they will have the appearance and functionality of being on the same phone system as the headquarters.

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